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FAR - Failure Analysis Report relates to a known issue which has been documented  within our library.

S     - Information relating to safety issues relative to heavy equipment repairs and maintenance.

GI   - General information relative to the headed subject.

H2  - Instruction and tips how to implement a procedure relative to the subject heading.

Hydraulic – Covers the following components Pumps – Main valves – Servo valves – peripherals.

Undercarriage – The subject matter covers wear and moving parts below the superstructure.

Equipment – The title is used for what is referred to as attachment in some markets, specifics include boom – arm – links – levers and buckets.

Adapted applications – This covers those more specialised excavation applications such as Pile Driving – Demolition – Scrap handling – Drainage maintenance

Sale or Purchase covers information to assit in evaluation for both diposal and purchase.
The inspection protocal explains what to look for saving time for both buyer and seller.