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Our motto fix it once avoid hit and miss techniques
Hydraulic excavator technical support
About us
We are here seven days a week supporting 
guys making repairs & renovations to hydraulic 
excavators, we do not profess to be experts in 
every make and model however we have a large library and extensive experience which we offer 
free of gratis (Yes there is no hidden agender).
We measure our record of success establishing
cause and cure, our motto is
 “Fix it once avoid hit and miss techniques”
Our contact with the end users provides our 
learning experience and we rely on your feed
back to improve our knowledge – service and
Excatech Organisation comprise of a very small
team with numerous contacts whom make
information available enabling our service to
assist with speedy repairs.
 Excatech has no wish or obligation to become
embroiled in disputes of any description our
advice is given freely and without prejudice, if
you choose not to take our suggestions –
recommendations Excatech except that is of
your choice.
Its fine if you dislike our service, we can recommend this fluid it can cure all memory issues, we are sure it will help you forget us as it will also help us forget you, no offence intended.
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