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Hydraulic excavator technical support
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Please be aware that our links to “You tube” video,s no longer function.
The links will only connect if subscribe and agree to advertisements being generated during viewing.
We find this aggravating and an unnecessary annoyance as such we will not post any additional video material onto You Tube.
The material that has already been lodged will remain as far as we can control, should you like to view those presentations, type into the Youtube search box “” or “” we formally used the .com before re-naming to .org you will find our logo on the material we refer.
There are three parts to the inspection information :-
1/ Inspection preparation
2/ Undercarriage inspection
3/ Equipment inspection
In addition:-
Testing swing brake distance.
Measuring slew ring wear.
Arm creep measurement.
Boom creep measurement.
We welcome suggestions for improvement also if you have an information requirement that we could for fill please use a our contact form.
Thank you for observing the above and our sincere apologies that this feature is no longer available.